Black Bravado


Change Shouldn’t Be Radical


Black bravado creates collaborative spaces
that introduce new concepts to people of color
for effective personal and professional development

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There’s collaboration in everything we do so in lieu of traditional panel discussions we’ve created The Openness Mic. This guided conversation series increases mental health literacy in communities of color by created safe spaces for us to discuss mental health challenges. We partner with local experts to help guide the conversation and provide relevant solutions in the communities they serve.

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Run by and for us, our mutual help group Talks + Thoughts is a monthly meetup offering a space where people with common problems get the opportunity to share experiences. Together, we learn to manage and experience the difficulties we face on a daily basis. Our meet ups are open to all no panels, no egos - just us.




Our co founder Stevland was introduced to Design Thinking at Stamford Business School and recognized the positive impact it could have on our community. Our Mentorship Circle is a workshop providing participants with Daily Design Thinking practices that teach effective problem solving skills. By challenging learned behaviors members can begin to take actionable steps towards their goals.

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