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Be Here Now- 5 Simply Steps To Work On Being Present

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, practice being in the present moment

Do not not dream… two things I do often! But I’ve learned that occupying your mind with things you cannot change and things you hope will happen one day prevents you from getting shit done. So I’m constantly working on being present.

Side bar - I recently learned the difference between trying and working. I’ve always known the definition of these words, but never the impact. For years I would say I’m trying to do this and trying to do that now I find myself saying I’m working on this. In my mind working is akin to doing, doing means I’m getting shit done. Whereas trying means I’m thinking about it, maybe posting about it but not taking any real action.

we’re all working on our growth (hopefully) so I’m sharing a few tips that are helping me stay present and achieve small but valuable goals.

5 Simple Habits To Work on Being Present

  1. Let go of multi tasking

We all pride ourselves on our ability to multitask but now would be a great time to slow things down. When you single task it increases the awareness of the space you’re in allowing you to be more present and possibly become more efficient.

2. Put Your Phone Down

Ms. Badu said it best. When you look at your phone, particularly early in the morning you may find you have more thoughts bouncing around in your head. Between emails, Instagram, twitter and snap all that activity makes it difficult for you to focus on set intentions. After my alarm goes off at 6:30 am, I put my phone down immediately and don't pick it up again until 8:30. This gives me the time I need to meditate and plan my day. I noticed almost immediately how much more I was able to get done.

3. Hakuna Matata

Of course you have troubles and yes there are things you should worry about! Now what you shouldn't be doing is over analyzing and spending time on the things you cannot change. Focusing on solutions rather than problems helps you stay present and builds healthier habits. Speaking of problem solving you should sign up for our next Mentorship Circle Workshop. Through interactive experiences and expert coaching you can learn to think more strategically and work towards achieving goals in your own life.

Pay Attention

Next time you have a conversation really listen to the person talking. Notice the instruments in the background or the ad libs from the artist when listening to your favorite track. Engage all of your senses - you’ll notice it’s quite powerful.

5. Just Breathe

Breathe work is so important. It can calm you in a chaotic situation or refocus your energy. Take a deep long breathe in the middle of the day - you’ll thank me later.

I wrote this post while listening to Breathe by Télépopmusik  remember ya’ll music is important. Listen here

Photo above is Lateef Saka

Shakira Polite