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— Shakira, Founder Black Bravado

Remember When You Wanted What You Currently Have?


I attended a wellness event recently where one of the panelist spoke about being present. Being powerfully present, she said occurs when your perceptions, intentions and visions align with your spiritual and physical self. You are continuously in tune with your environment and have achieved perfect balance ”awarely and knowingly spanning a portion of the past, present and your chosen targeted future.” Everyone, myself included was awe inspired. Hanging on her every word, I vigorously wrote down each nugget and vowed to make immediate changes.

Less than 24 hours later I had an argument with my boyfriend and I could feel my spiritual alignment out of whack. Truth is I may never receive perfect balance and I’m okay with that. Part of maintaining my mental wellness is learning not to be so hard on myself.  So when my alignment became a bit detached rather than give up, I thought about ways that I could actively work on being present. I recalled conversations I had with Spiritual Wellness Practitioner Liana Naima about being open and allowing myself to feel. I of course went to the internet and even read through some of my notes from past events.

What I was reminded of:


Writing has always been cathartic for me. I’ve always been a doodler and have dozens of notebooks from my childhood with everything from “S” drawings to poems and arbitrary rants. Journaling allows me to pay attention to my thoughts and reflect on them when necessary.


I know this sounds lame but trust me y'all half of us don't listen very well! Listening is the foundation of all effective communication and key to maintaining healthy relationships. I started listening to my body - going to bed earlier, stepping away from the table more often, my spirit through meditation and my loved ones by letting them speak without interruption.

Celebrating small wins:

This one was major for me! I was constantly beating myself up about not having or achieving more, forgetting that I used to have less. When I began celebrating small accomplishments it made me want to go even harder. Surprise, I can inspire myself - who knew?!

Just Do It:

Bottom line stop overthinking and get active! We spend so much time dissecting our ideas until there's no idea left. Yes, preparedness is important but experiential learning is a major key in any growth journey - we learn by doing.   

I wrote this post while listening to Donny Hathaway’s Someday We’ll All Be Free music is important
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The photo above is from Black Girl In Om

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