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How To Overcome Fear


Fear is a natural emotion that we all have, in most cases there’s nothing seriously wrong - you work through your shit and move along. But if your fears are standing in the way of achieving your goals then you have a real problem. 

For me, the fear of simply starting something new was crippling. I would talk myself out of new ideas then make excuses to mask my lack of accomplishments. After a solid year of self care, I now know this behavior stems from a lack of confidence. I allowed my ego to go off and build up a falsehood. So when it was time for me to take action she wasn't ready. 

Below are 3 tips that have been crucial in helping me overcome my fears

Identify: Identifying my fear was the first step and I had to be specific. Daily journaling helped me with this because writing down my feelings gave me clarity. I was able to go back and establish similarities in my emotional responses, I have a fear of acceptance. 

Develop self-compassion: Being kind to myself is the hardest thing for me to do. Even now, I have to work on it daily. Fear can be paralyzing and often my response to standing still was to criticize. “What’s wrong with me, I don't deserve to be successful, if I was better, thinner, smarter things would go differently” . Now that I understand my fear stems from lack of confidence I actively work on building myself up through positive affirmations. I have removed negative people from my life and set up healthy boundaries for the ones who I love too much to let go. 

Face your fear: I’ve learned to work through my fears, it doesn't mean I’m not afraid. It means that I recognize fear is a natural emotion. I allow myself to feel it but I don’t become a victim to fear. I work my steps and get shit going anyway.

I wrote this while listening to Wanna Be Loved by Queen Jill Scott


Shakira Polite