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Happy Fathers Day


Dear Avery and Austin

It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve become a father. Ten exciting , wonderful, challenging but most of all fulfilling years. Each June, I am celebrated as a father. I get gifts, text messages, phone calls and a bunch of pats on the back. I get the chance to speak to friends and family that I don’t usually speak to on a daily basis. Every one tells me how great a job I’m doing as a dad. I find it a bit funny because the two of you remind me of that everyday. Avery, you make sure to Face Time me before you go to bed on the nights I work late. Austin, you brighten up my day each morning, no matter how tired I am. Your actions remind me that there’s kindness, joy and unconditional love in this world. You see, it’s you two guys that give me the strength to do whatever it takes. To go out there and grind rain, sleet or snow - wind, hail or fog. Thanks for giving your dad the strength to do just that. Be YOUR dad.

Love you both,

Shakira Polite