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when you are listening, you feel a comfort that just make you want to speak out! Keep up the great work ladies
— Shirell T, facebook

Everybody's Favorite Auntie is a weekly podcast recorded in New York City discussing relevant topics relating to familial relationships and all the joy and drama in between! We're creating a healthy space for real talk! Join Black Bravado Founder Shakira and her Auntie Lisa along with their weekly guest for cross generational conversations that help bridge the gap between the older and younger generations. Everybody’s Favorite Auntie season one is now streaming on iTunes and Spotify .


Episode 10

Auntie Lisa is with the fam discussing generational obstacles and how healthy traditions can lead to impactful legacies.  

Episode 9
Credible messenger

Auntie Lisa talks to community activist Twin about bringing the village back together and getting the right message across the our youth. 

Episode 8
B.O.T(Black Owned Things)

We went to D.C. with a plan and a purpose, to spend a full day supporting black owned businesses. It was an uplifting experience - listen for a full recap!

Episode 7
Sexy Can I ?

This week Auntie Lisa talks about the importance of communicating your needs with your partner in the bedroom. Whether its a tinder swipe or a 22 year marriage! 

Episode 6
R.E.S.p.e.c.t. me

The struggle for new parents is real!  Auntie Lisa discusses the difficulties of finding your voice among the elders? 

Episode 5
Christian Singles

Faith without works will have you single. Should you still be picky at 50?

Episode 4

As a mother if you give everything you have to everyone else, whats left for you?

Episode 3
Teach Me how to love

Auntie Lisa shares major keys about love and a successful 22 year marriage with her sons, nephew and their friends.

Episode 2
Don’t be late for dinner

Auntie Lisa talks to a group of young men about the impact of toxic masculinity and bullying in the information age

episode 1
hey auntie!

Straight - no chaser!