Black Bravado


Do Nothing Without Intention

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Shakira Polite

Founder - In 2015, I sent an email to some creatives inviting them to meet for coffee. We spent hours talking about the political climate, our ideals and being intentional in impacting the culture - from that Black Bravado was born. We’ve gone through many iterations since summer 15. Blog, media platform, networking site and ultimately we’re all of those things!

Since then we’ve curated purpose driven offline experiences and garnered over 250,000 impressions across our digital platforms. With each person we touch, we help to create more sustainable communities.

Needed some affirmations and went straight to Black Bravado lord give me strength!
— @drealegit_

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Stevland Polite

Co Founder - We are creating spaces where black and brown people across the world can not only motivate each other but benefit both personally and professionally from each others experiences.

Every decision you make helps you build who you will become so make them count!

I really enjoyed the experience sharing so honestly - i felt it the day of the event this is something special
— Tanika R

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